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Nordic Weightlifting Federation organized Technical Official Seminar    /   2016-10-16

In connection with the Nordic Senior championships in Rovaniemi on 30th. September to 2nd.  Of October, the Nordic Weightlifting Federation organized a TO-seminar.

The lecturers where Taisto Kuoppala and Benny Johansson, and 12 international TO card holders from the Nordic countries participated at the conference. The participants where:


Jona Lomma (Fin)

Esa Lomma (Fin)

Ahti Hämäläinen (Fin)

Jari Hirvonen (Fin)

Allan Thurd Hansen (Den)

Patrik Helgesson (Swe)

Martin Zung (Swe)

Per Mattingsdal (Nor)

Arne Grostad (Nor)

Trond Kvilhaug (Nor)

Reidar C. Johnsen (Nor)

Tryggve Duun (Nor)


The subjects on the agenda where:

1)      Goals/target for the Seminar.            

2)      IWF TCRR.  Latest news.  The future ??

3)      Duties of Techn officials

4)      “The 8 keys to become a competent TO”

5)      Common mistakes/incorrect movements (videoclips)

6)      Proceeding of an int. events, Special priority on: TC, CM, (competitors card),Timekeeper

7)      Evaluation of EWF techn officials (referees) 2012-15 

8)      Experiences from Olympic Games, Rio 2016

9)      “Code of Etics Techn officials”

The seminar gave the participants very useful and updated knowledge, and I am sure it will help them to do an even better job as TOs in the future.


The Nordic Weightlifting Federation gives big thanks to the lecturers for their excellent work, and making this seminar rememberable  for all the participants.


The Nordic Weightlifting Federation also gives grate thanks to the EWF executive board for granting money for the Nordic Championships. Without this help, such seminar would be a lot more difficult to organize.


Tryggve Duun

President of Nordic Weightlifting Federation