Problem of 2018 Senior EWC organization
Problem of 2018 Senior EWC organization / 2018-01-22
Problem of 2018 Senior EWC organization

Unfortunately Executive Board of Albanian WF resigned because of doping problem and the Albanian WF cannot organize next Senior EWC at the end of March.

It is unexpected and very serious problem for EWF and EWF member federations.

For solution, EWF has two options. One of them is to find new host country and second option is to postpone the organization in order to give more time to new host country for preparations.

Our first and foremost priority is to organize the competition on time decided before as 26th March-1st April 2018.

Now EWF negotiates with some member federations to decide new host country. 

EWF continues to inform you about the latest developments.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

European Weightlifting Federation